International cooperation



Le Partenariat has been involved in international cooperation for more than 30 and develops human-scale projects, taking into account the transversal aspect of the actions and the sustainable development of territories.

Two intervention areas :

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Two framework of intervention:

Le Partenariat: operator for decentralised cooperation

Le Partenariat works with French, Senegalese and Moroccan local authorities to assist them in the implementation of their international actions.


Le Partenariat: operator for development projects

As an NGO, le Partenariat sets up its own development projects in accordance with the needs of its local partners. The organisation plays a pivotal role by mobilising its public and private financial networks (EU, corporate foundation…)



A specific methodology

Our approach aims to support local dynamics, mobilise and initiate new relationships between local authorities, populations and State technical services. The projects emanate from the populations’ needs that lead to: a diagnosis, public consultations, planning process, contracts with beneficiaries, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Le Partenariat involves the beneficiaries (local population) right from the beginning of the projects and works in accordance with local, regional and national policies. Our main goal is to reinforce our partners’ capacities to guarantee a local, sustainable and community-based development.

Our interventions are always based on sustainable development in order to satisfy local beneficiaries’ requests, while limiting ecological impacts. The actions are based upon a participatory and socially responsible process, which is respectful of the environment and others...


Four fields of intervention:

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